Winner Stories

Last year’s lucky winners share their experiences.

Aidan B.
Mississauga, Ontario

4K Hisense Roku TV Prize

"I didn’t believe it at first, winning a TV from a game stamp didn’t really seem within the realm of possibility. I thought I had to collect more to finish a set or something so realizing that all I had to do was redeem the code was a pretty great feeling!"

Candice H.
Prince George, BC

RBC® Prize

"I have played Monopoly before and have always won food, so when I realized I won the RBC prize I was in complete shock, and didn’t believe it, even after completing the prize claim. As a new mom this money will definitely help my growing family!"

Nelia S.
Etobicoke, Ontario

Air Transat Roundtrip Flights for 2

"When I won the Air Transat Flights for 2 prize, I couldn’t believe it! My co workers were the first people I told and they were so excited for me, now they can’t wait to play because they know winning is possible!"

Charlotte F.
Calgary, Alberta

PKG® Carry Goods Prize Pack

"I have won food and drinks in the past. I was surprised that I won a bigger item … I just would hear about winners but now I can say I am one of those people too!"